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Includes feed 2x a day, hay 3-4x a day, turnout, blanketing, feeding supplements (client provided), stalls cleaned, and night check.  Vet located on property.


Our training programs are individualized and based on a strong foundation to ensure success for both horse and rider in and out of the show ring. We offer multiple levels of programs from basic (1 contact a week) to full training (5 contacts a week) as well as full grooming options for those who wish. We believe in an environment which allows growth and learning to occur while also being encouraging. Enjoyment of the sport and our love for horses is number one. 

We also offer trailer in as well as some off site lessons.

We show on average 18-22 shows a year in Kentucky and surrounding states, both USEF and NSBA. We also have the ability to work with those who wish to show less but want to continue their training. 

Please contact us for full training services and full rate sheet

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