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- Catanova top ribbons in Equitation clases at WEF and wins at  The Ridge in Wellington

-Catanova 2nd in Ariat Adult Medal KY Spring 1

-Catanova 3nd in Ariat Adult Medal KY Spring 2

-Catanova top 3 finishes in A/O hunters at KY Spring 2

Thanthal starts showing 1.0m in mid June

- Catanova two 2nd place finishes 3'3 A/O 18-35 KY Summer 2 as well as many top 6 finishes during KY 1&2

-Thanthal 5th/25 in 3'0 hunter warmup

-Thanthal moves up to 1.10m in July 

-Thanthal moves up to 1.15 in September


- Kyuss goes to his first show and is a super star

-Thanthal 2nd and 5th at his first appearance at PBIEC

-Kyuss winner of 4 YO jump chute at the YHS

- Kyuss qualifies for the YHS Final in Tyron

-Thanthal top 10 placings KY Spring

-Kyuss shows in the hunters for the first time June 2018

-Thanthal top 10 placings Country Heir 1 &2

-Thanthal steps into clear rounds at 1.20/5

-Lyriss attends 2018 Emerging Athletes Program. 

- Thanthal 4th place 1.20 A/O out of 29 Ky Sprin g II

-Kyuss 4th and 5th in special hunters Ky Spring II in good company

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